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'Inspiring Possibility and Increasing Productivity'



Suzie is in love with human potential.  The work she does is based on the premise, we all know more than we realise and having someone believe in this potential will set it free.


She uses a range of evidence-based behaviour and coaching models to assist clients in gaining insight into themselves, their interests, abilities, values and personality. She helps to unlock possibilities within each client to help them increase the productivity of their life.  She does this by tailoring the coaching and training approach to every individual or teams.


Suzie served in the British army reserves for 4 years. She has coached tennis in America, flown in a Private Jet across Canada, and climbed the highest mountain in Africa.

“Suzie has recently been recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches by Coach Foundation.”



Executive and leadership coaching equips leaders with empowering personal insights and tools to motivate others.  All while becoming a more inspiring and authentic role model.



Through coaching, mentoring, and facilitation, individuals and teams will build connections, resilience, and confidence, helping them reach goals they never thought were possible.



Coach-led training will strengthen your soft skills tool kit by reconnecting individuals and teams with their values, strengths, boundaries, and application to well-being for performance. 



Supporting small business owners to create solid business foundations by clarifying intent and direction, finding efficiencies, building accountability and improving energy flow.

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