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What you can expect from me

  • I will bring positive energy and fun

  • I will give the best I have to offer

  • I will make things uncomplicated and actionable

  • I will enjoy any challenges you throw my way

  • I will create a judgment-free curiosity space

  • I base my work on a mix of experience and research

  • I am open to feedback and am always looking for growth opportunities

  • I might ask you difficult questions that could make you squirm!

  • I will be REAL and brilliantly imperfect

  • I will honour my R.A.P values daily

My R.A.P Values


Real is about understanding yourself, knowing yourself, loving yourself and having the courage to be yourself.


This is about moving from where you are now to where you want to be. What is common sense is not always common action. 



If it’s not fun, it won’t get done! Let’s enjoy the journey. I take the subject very seriously and try not to take myself too seriously! 


“The purpose of my life is to excitedly bounce high, loving, laughing and learning,

to be present to see and value the potential in everyone, to share my stories and learnings, for the growth and empowerment of others,

so that I might inspire others to believe they can go beyond what they ever dreamed was possible.”

I believe that anyone can do what they want to do.  They must choose to do it and be brave enough to walk down the path, finding ways around or over the obstacles that may be in the way. 

I work with people to discover these possibilities, which may be to find the path they want to walk or how to overcome the obstacles on this path.  I also deliver practical training sessions that will provide individuals and teams with a toolkit as well as the confidence to increase their personal and professional productivity so that these possibilities can be realised. 

I have had over 20 years of global experience working in the personal development and communication field. I have been lucky enough to coach leaders individually and in teams from a broad range of professions, including business, construction & engineering, education, government, hospitality, medical/research, law, the arts, and sport.  I love bringing my 'infectious' energy and applying my coach approach to performance training.   I have recently worked with Rio Tinto, Menzies, YMCA, ANZ, Oaks Hotels, Coffey, and local and national Government.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have a huge passion for personal development.  I use both past experience and a range of evidence-based behaviour and coaching models to assist clients in gaining insight into themselves – their interest, abilities, personality and values.  I will leverage my experience to then tailor the coaching/training approach to meet the individual’s/teams circumstances and needs.  My experience in teaching helps to make sure the material used in the group sessions is relevant and accessible for the specific audience.  I also draw on my experience in event management to helps ensure it is upbeat and fun. 

I have been lucky enough to live a very full life with a few key highlights being, serving in the British army reserves for 4 years, coaching tennis in America, flying in a Private Jet across Canada, climbed the highest mountain in Africa, marring a crazy Australian that always pushes my limits and having two beautiful and energetic boys.

My recent experience has been in the following and have loved every minute....

Group facilitation with numbers between 10 – 150.

Executive and leadership coaching

Performance and leadership Training

Small business coaching/monitoring

Mentor and assesses new coaches coming into the industry

Keynote speaker at conferences and local events. (A recent speaking event was for AHRI on ‘The Power of Connection and belief’).

  • Diploma in Business Coaching 

  • Cert  IV Training & Assessment  

  • Cert IV Life Coaching

  • Systemic Coach Practitioner 

  • NLP Coach Practitioner 

  • Wellness Coach Practitioner 

  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education for Mathematics 

  • Management Science BSc (Hons) 

  • PCC ICF (Professional Credentialed Coach in the International Coach Federation)

  • Coach Mentor

  • Extended DISC Accreditation

  • Strenght Profile Accreditiation

  • Gold - Duke of Edinburgh award

  • UK Stage 1 tennis Coach 

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